Build it

Last Edition Recap

How have you applied the last edition to your life? or Why do you think you are so important to God?

Opening Prayer

Loving God, thank you that we can have the gift of companionship today. As we start our group, we pray that you will bless us. Please speak to us. Teach us. Mould us. Amen.


God decided to flood the earth in the Old Testament, and so much sin flooded the world. God told Noah to build an Ark to save his family and the animals. God chose him for his faithfulness. We can only imagine what the other people thought of Noah when they saw him building this Ark. Noah’s family’s lives depended on him being faithful to God’s instruction.


God tells you to design and build the perfect Church from scratch. This Church must include the following: Buildings, Ministers, Bands/Choirs, and Ministries run by Volunteers/Members keen on serving God for free. The only thing that God requires is;

  1. You do it for Him.
  2. You must ask others to help you build and grow it.

Chat Point 1

  1. How do you think Noah felt during this process? 
  2. How important do you think you are to God? Why? 
  3. How would you feel being in Noah’s position?
  4. Compare yourself to Noah: Who gets the better deal; You or Him? Why?
  5. Describe the Church: Your group must design this Church. What will your group’s Church be like?

Key Focus

1 Corinthians 12:27 

Now you are the body of Christ, and each of you is a part of it.

Chat Point 2

  1. What stands out for you in this passage?
  2. What do you think the main point is?
  3. What would it look like if Christians applied this principle or lesson to their lives today?
  4. Think about the Church your group designed: Would you want your Church to succeed or fail?
  5. Describe what would change if everyone suddenly ignored God’s request and stopped volunteering in your Church. Why?
  6. Read the key verse. How does this apply to you and your group?
  7. How can your group use this teaching this week?
  8. Is God asking you to do Church differently? If yes, what is it?

Final Thought

The Bible tells you that YOU ARE the Body of Christ (The Church). You are A PART of it. As you let this privilege sink into your heart, honestly wrestle with the questions in the Personal Reflection section in your private time during the week.

What are your prayer requests?

Closing Prayer

Creator Father, we have been placed here for a reason. You have planned for us to be a part of your Church. Help us become proactive in your Kingdom so that we may achieve the purpose you have for us. Amen.

In-between Chats: Personal Reflection

  • Am I ignoring God, or am I obeying God’s messages? 
  • Am I fulfilling my part in his body?
  • Do I want to see God’s Church succeed or fail?
  • What do I think God is showing me to do or try?

Edition Writer: Rev Kevin Zondagh

Executive Coach, Life Coach, and Ordained Minister. Founder of CoffeeChatConnect and the Exemplar Coaching Company.