Last Edition Recap

How have you applied the last edition to your life?

Opening Prayer

Lord God, Thank you for giving us another day in which we may learn more of you and who we are in you. Grant us the will to follow you more intimately. Bless us with a longing to grow closer to you. And may we learn from one another. For your glory, we pray this, Amen.


These days, many devices come with a ‘RESET’ function or button built into them. The knowledge that something will go wrong or hang or have a need to load updates has created the need to have a ‘RESET’ function.

Once the reset function is activated, the system reboots into its original or upgraded setting to ensure proper operation. It will prevent any complications and enable the device to work smoothly.
Now the device can start over without any complications or performance hindrances. The device user will be delighted that their device is doing what it should.

Chat Point 1

  1. Have you ever had any electronic devices stop working on you or freeze up whilst you were busy with something meaningful? 
  2. What kind of emotions did you feel?
  3. How different would the world be if every ‘Reset’ function vanished? Why?
  4. Why is the world better because of the ‘Reset’ Function?
What started as a peeping-tom temptation – ended in a cover-up of a murder.
How often, like David, have we found ourselves in a situation because of giving in to temptation? We find ourselves down a road we would not have dreamed we would be on.
  • How often have our mistakes/sins escalated from one thing into bigger things?
  • And how often do we secretly try and cover them up to avoid taking responsibility?
  • What can we learn about God in this story?
  • Why did God send Nathan and not leave David with his sin?
  • Was Nathan’s role vital in this story? Why?
After David is held accountable for his sin, in the act of pure humility, he writes Psalm 51. We witness King David praying after sinning against God, pleading with God to forgive him. He needed to be reset from his wicked ways to follow God’s will once more. We hear the prayer of a man desperate for another chance. He needs God to RESET his heart. 


Key Focus

1 Corinthians 12:27 

Now you are the body of Christ, and each of you is a part of it.

Chat Point 2

  1. Psalm 51 – Which verse stands out for you?
  2. What stands out for you in any of the readings?
  3. What do you think the main point is?
  4. What would it look like if Christians applied this principle or lesson to their lives today?
  5. What is Jesus telling you personally as you reflect on this lesson?
We live complicated lives. So much stuff clouds our better judgment and burdens our souls, hearts and minds. We often feel heavy and cluttered – If only we had a reset function to start over!
The Good News is that we have a reset function built into our relationship with Jesus. It’s called forgiveness. When we humble ourselves before the Lord as David did and ask him to forgive us, God pushes that RESET button, and we reboot back to the basics. He restores our relationship with him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean the effects of our sin have magically vanished. Forgiveness from God means that we are again on his side, and God will help us face and deal with the consequences of our sin.

Final Thought

Salvation in Christ is the ultimate Reset function – John 3:16-17

What are your prayer requests?

Closing Prayer

Create in us a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within us. Do not cast us from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from us. Restore the joy of your salvation and grant us a willing spirit to sustain us.

In-between Chats: Personal Reflection

Take Psalm 51 and pray it for yourself in your private devotion time. Allow God to reset your heart.

Also, read John 3:16-17 and reflect on God’s sacrifice to reset you from the destruction of sin so that you may have eternal life. Salvation in Christ is the ultimate Reset function.

Edition Writer: Rev Kevin Zondagh

Executive Coach, Life Coach, and Ordained Minister. Founder of CoffeeChatConnect and the Exemplar Coaching Company.