Connecting Friends Around an Open Bible

Invite. Chat. Repeat.

Enjoy life-changing conversations with a group of friends effortlessly – even over digital platforms (e.g. Zoom, etc.). The CoffeeChat editions are designed to lead your conversation by asking open-ended questions and not telling you what to think. Each group is encouraged to develop their own “vibe” that will work best for them. Connected, you’ll learn from one another’s experiences, insights and, of course, scripture.

Coffee is the invitation

Chat is what we do

Connect is how we live

No Leader. No Prep. No Stress

CoffeeChatConnect rediscovers meaningful connections with your friends in a very powerful and simplistic way. Use our pre-planned-easy-to-follow material to connect with friends around the bible in new and exciting ways. Simply, let the CoffeeChat guide your group’s discussion. It’s super easy yet powerful.

Why not try writing a CoffeeChat Edition? It’s SOOO easy! CoffeeChats are written by ordinary people who touch the lives of strangers in extraordinary ways. You don’t have to be a professional writer. Anyone can write a CoffeeChat. So write by yourself or write as a group. Our easy-to-use template that will guide you step-by-step to write a CoffeeChat.

  1. Click on “Edition Writer”
  2. Write and submit a CoffeeChat Edition
  3. We will help you shape it and then publish it