Invite. Chat. Repeat. If you can read, your can lead...

Coffee is the invitation

Chat is what we do

Connect is how we live

CCC rediscovers meaningful connections in a very powerful yet simplistic way. Using our pre-planned-easy-to-follow material, you will be able to connect with friends and the bible in new and exciting ways.  simplicity in this modern and disconnected age – with it’s pre-planned-easy-to-follow material. No group leaders are needed. Simply use the material to facilitate your conversation. It’s super easy: Invite, Chat, Repeat. 100% Free. 100% Awesome.

No Leader. No Prep. No Stress. No Masks!

Enjoy life-changing conversations with a group of friends effortlessly. The CoffeeChat editions are designed to lead your conversation by asking open-ended questions and not telling you what to think. Each group will create their own vibe and will together learn through the reading of scripture and from one another’s experience


CCC is a global ministry partner